July 31, 2015


WELCOME TO MY CLOSET As promised I am continuing with this closet diaries series and coming at you today with the second part. I don't know if I said this in the last article but I always feel so inspired browsing thru different walk in closets which you can find on TumblR or WeHeartIt. I really hope you liked the first part of this series and maybe get some inspiration from it. I am sitting at Starbucks right now typing this article and I have to say the Wifi is really not the best. I find it quite funny how every Starbucks always raves about their free Wifi but then your logged in and the connection is just terrible. I don't really know why I came here to write this article because I have perfect Wifi at home... Well, I guess it's because their unbelievable delicious Java Chip Frappuccino. Have you ever tried it? You should really give it a try!

Let's get back to the fashion part of this article. With summer slowly coming to an end and autumn waiting around the corner it's probably time for you to clean out your closet. I absolutely enjoy cleaning out my closet, or better said, reorganizing it for the next season. Autumn always have been my favorite season when it comes to fashion just because you have the most opportunities to combine different looks. At summer time I always have the struggle to combine different looks because all you wanna wear is a dress and that's it. Sometimes you even wanna go out naked just because the heat wave is going on. The struggle is real. In autumn you don't have those problems. The weather is perfect to create the best looks. Well, sometimes autumn weather here in Berlin tends to be more wintery, but o well... If you wanna reorganize your closet and make it ready for autumn I recommend doing it by color. I started this color-system a few years ago and it was the best decision ever. Not only it looks prettier when you have an open closet but you can easily find something that matches your look. You just have to look in the right color range and don't have to search thru your whole closet. 

I have to say that I am not having a huge closet and a huge selection of clothing and that's simply because I always try to sell pieces that I don't wear anymore or that don't fit me anymore. This is a great way to keep your closet clear. Also, I hate looking at my closet when there's tons of stuff inside I don't feel confident with anymore. One of the most important things for always finding the perfect outfit for you is to love your closet and feel inspired by looking at it. That's also the reason why I always rearrange and redecorate some parts of my closet which you will see from now on in all these 'closet diaries'. The first article was still my summer closet and now, for the second part, I've decided to start with my ready-for-autumn cleaning and redecorating. As you can probably tell: Loads of black included. Since my black obsession already came thru in summer - I'm sure it will get even more intense when autumn has arrived so that's why I'm trying to prepare my closet with all the beautiful dark colors.

July 29, 2015


IS IT BLACK OR IS IT JUST ME? It's official. And I guess I'm saying this for the third time now in a small period of time: I AM ADDICTED. I am absolutely obsessed with everything black. As soon as the weather get's chillier I'm cravinggg black like a crazy person. Like seriously... A few days ago it was really hot and sunny outside and I was all about the pink and color in general. Today it was quite chilly, windy and cloudy all day long and I just went straight back to black. Some people might think that black is boring and always looks the same... Well, I guess it does -  a little bit. But you can really create so many different looks with just black. For example the pants: They are so many different variants of black pants you can combine. You have the simple and classy skinny jeans, the boyfriend or girlfriend jeans, the cigarette pants, the bootcut pants, flared pants and they are still a few more.

Combining and creating an all black look is not really that simple because you still want to make it outstanding even though it's ''just'' all black everything. But how to make a look outstanding when it's just one color, when it's just black? Well, I guess it's all about the cuts and the details. I'm wearing a really simple and casual skinny jeans but then I paired it with this long sleeve sweater which has a little bit of a different cut at the bottom and some seams all around (which I think you can't really see on the pictures). Another detail you can add are the shoes. Maybe try to find a pair which are not just plain black without any details - go for ones with tassels for example on it. You might remember these kind of shoes from many previous looks I've posted over a year ago. I was wearing them literally to death, so they broke and I  f i n a l l y  got my hands on a new, very similar pair. And for me personally the important thing about an all black look: The bag. I think I am one of the few only having one black bag (I know, crazy right?) so I didn't really had a choice. I still love the bag with all black because it's not a typical kind of bag, it has a few details.

July 27, 2015


TALKING PINK Today is monday which means it's another chance to change what you always wanted to change and be a better person. I always see monday as a chance to start all over and try to be better than the week before. Sometimes it's definitely easier said then done but wouldn't our planet be so much better if everyone would think like that? No war, no hate just love, friendliness and most importantly charity. Let's try to rise and shine together. As the title of this article is already saying it kind of means that you should always fast forward, never stop and reach your dreams even if they're big and maybe to high to reach right now. If your dreams don't scare you - they're not big enough ;) Remember that!

This outfit is all about some pink details. I really felt like a little pinky for one day. Since the weather was really good these days I was totally back in the color mood so bright pink was all I can think about. I really like the contrast from the black which really makes the pink stand out even more. It can get quite tricky wearing pink especially if you're a blonde. Blondies, you hearing me? I bet you know what I mean. Some people will immediately look at you like a barbie... the struggle is real, I'm telling you. I am not a big fan of people who are forming an opinion about a person they don't know personally. Even if you're a blonde and you like wearing pink it doesn't automatically mean you're a ''dumb barbie girl''. And that's not only for the blondes - I guess brunettes might have the same problem sometimes? Maybe it's a women problem in general. If you like to dress up, do your make-up and wear pink and heels - society always looks at you like you're a dumb barbie doll. 99% of the time that's not the case. I know and see so many women who are looking absolutely flawless, like to dress up but still they're a super smart and successful. That's another thing our world would so much better without - those bad preconceptions.

July 25, 2015


IT'S ALL ABOUT THE N°5 Today's article is going to be all about the N°5. If you saw my two previous outfits then you'll see that I'm kind of obsessing over black and white printed shirts. Doesn't matter if it's a top, shirt or sweater - I love them all and I'm on the best way to collect a really big collection of them. I just think they are so perfect for a daily bases, paired with some casual skinny jeans. Or you can even dress them up paired with a black sexy skirt (maybe a pencil skirt) some pumps and you're good to go. Of course I always love the printing on those shirts because it's so classy and feminine. Another thing I really like about this one tho is the attached chain. Perfect shirt for those lazy ones who don't want to search for a necklace that matches, you just have it already on the shirt. Easy breezy.

When I'm looking at this shirt and thinking about the N°5 one thing popped up in my head immediately. Chanel N°5. It's basically the biggest classic ever. Chanel N°5 is the scent Marilyn Monroe swore by and it was the only thing she wore to bed. Just a few drops of Chanel No 5. My grandmother once gave me her old Chanel No 5 perfume and I have to say that I don'r really liked the scent but I absolutely adored the flacon. Classiness at it's best. I think the No 5 is not a scent for everybody but it's definitely worth writing about. And at least I can wear a shirt with it on it! I wanted to go for a casual, edgy yet chic look for this outfit so what's better than choosing some black elegant pumps? Always, always try to go with black sexy pumps if you want to dress up an casual look and make it more chic. Wouldn't it look so much different with converse? Think about it. I truly believe that shoes are the most important thing about any look. They're giving the last and final touches to it and with a pair of shoes you can really say if an outfit is casual or elegant or chic.