March 29, 2015


❞SOME DIFFERENT KIND OF PANTS.❝ I'm still not quite sure if you can really call this ''thing'' pants because it also kind of looks like a skirt when you're wearing it... but it's supposed to be a pair of pants. Some different kind of pants and yes I have to admit that it is something totally different for me but since a few weeks I just love to try out new styles and that's one of them. Those pants are definitely not for everyone but they're the most comfortable and airy pants for spring and the upcoming summer time. And with ''airy'' I mean super duper mega airy because this material is basically flying around like crazy, but it's fun.

March 28, 2015


❝WALKING IN MY ADIDAS.❞ Sometimes we're all having those days were we just want to throw on our sweats and good to go. Be honest. We ALL have those days :) In my personal life those days are basically getting more and more, so I honestly stopped counting them... Today's article is all about these stunning Adidas sweatpants which I fell madly in love with. If you're reading and following the Trendique for a while now then you probably have heard me talking about how much I love comfortable sweat looks A LOT. It is just so easy, so comfortable yet so stylish. And yes I know it has sadly nothing to do with elegance (and you know how much I love my elegant themed outfits) but let's be honest... Every woman can look elegant in whatever she's wearing.

March 25, 2015


❞A SPARKLING HEADPIECE.♛❝ Keep your head up high, otherwise your crown will fall down. I think every one of us woman has heard this quote before, right? It's definitely one of my all time favorite quotes because it is just SO true. Every woman should walk with her head up high through her life, confident and pretty. And when I say 'pretty' I don't mean she has to wear pretty designer clothing... I mean it in a more personal and down-to-earth way. The thing is that every woman on this planet is pretty in her own way and that's exactly the problem because not every woman knows that. I know exactly what I'm talking about because I felt the same way a few years ago but one thing you always have to remember: If your pretty from the inside, you're pretty from the outside.

March 23, 2015


❝SPRING AND ALL IT'S BEAUTY.❁❞ If you're following my adventure on Instagram (@kandziav), then you'll already know that I was in Potsdam for one day with my lovely friend Nina. When living in Berlin you are basically never leaving this city for a day-trip because there is just nothing really around... Well, besides Potsdam. Potsdam is a beautiful little city which you can reach easily by car or even train from the center of Berlin and that's exactly what we did on that absolutely stunning day. I've just started visiting Potsdam more and more and I have to say I've definitely fallen in love with this cute city. There is so much beauty to look at and so many cute little restaurants and cafés.