July 1, 2015


BASICS & A POP OF COLOR Today we're talking all about our casual basics combined and styled to a casual yet classy daytime wearable look. If you're following the Trendique from the beginning you'll know that I always was all about daytime wearable looks. We've seen so many amazing high fashion inspirations all over which are stunning, no doubt - but let's be honest: You can't wear them on a daily bases. Even if I would love to but it wouldn't be suitable for a daily big city life. The key is that you can create so many different looks with just two of our casual basics: Simple tee and a pair of jeans. Of course I went for the ripped variant 'cause I'm absolutely obsessed with them lately. If you have selected your two casual basics, you can start with accessorizing the whole look together and make it stand out. 

The best way to make it look more eye-catching is definitely a pop of color. Since I ''shoes to be happy'' I chose my eye-catcher to be on my feet. Some colorful sandals or pumps are going perfectly with some ripped jeans and they're bringing more elegance back into this casual look. Next step would be - how could it be otherwise - jewelry. No look is completed without some jewelry and we wanna make sure to ad even more for a simple and casual one. I totally forgot about my flash-body-tattoos so I put on my beloved watch, bangles and my lovely Louis Vuitton bracelet, dainty necklace and some aviator sunglasses. Last step to make it perfect: The bag. I would've chosen a clutch for this one but since I wanted it to be casual and perfect for running errands I decided to go with my favorite every day bag: The Speedy35 from Louis Vuitton. You can fit all your stuff in it which is a huge plus and your outfit still looks on point with a classy bag. And by the way - if you're searching some new basics you can shop them HERE.

June 29, 2015


RIPPED JEANS & BLACK Black. Black with black and black. I know it's crazy but isn't it all about black in the fashion world? Well, of course there are plenty of other colors and prints... but I personally see myself always craving for black on a daily bases. Even the hashtag #allblack is probably the most used one when it comes to fashion. I think it's quite easy: Since black is not a real colorful color where you can say like ''no I don't like orange tones so I don't like this orange-redish dress... I think no women ever said ''Oh, well, I don't like black''. Black suits everyone. Every skin tone, every figure and body type and every age. It was Christian Dior who said: ''Black is the most slimming of all colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at an age. You can wear it for almost every occasion. I could write a book about black.'' Well, what can I say? He's definitely right with that and that's probably why we all love black so much, 'cause it's the most slimming and flattering of them all. 

You've seen so many different #allblack looks from me so I've decided to change it just a liiittle bit for this one, skip the black pants and just combine this black look with a heavy ripped denim and a natural toned top. Is this still an #allblack look now? I have to say that I'm not quite sure about that, because it kind of still gives me the feeling of one. But of course the jeans and top are not black. So you can basically see it however you want to see it. Enough talked about black (I think I've never wrote so many times 'black' in one article...) and let's face this ripped baby: This one I didn't ripped myself like a badass (like most of my others) I simply ordered them from Zara where they are definitely having the best ripped denim and the most affordable ones as well. I do have noticed that apparently not every one on this planet knows about ripped jeans... Some people really stare at you (or your legs) like your poor or just a freak. I mean come ooon, it's just a freaking pair of jeans. Did you know that ripped jeans were actually popular in the late 80s? As well as in the 90s when Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss introduced us into the 'Grunge Look'. They came back then in the early 2010s and the era of ripped jeans is getting bigger and crazier every year.

June 22, 2015


CLASSY ON THE GO Good evening fashionistas! How are you doing? Today I'm coming at you with another neutral toned look and it truly feel like I'm going back to the roots. Nothing feels better then don't having to think about color combinations and asking yourself if this really looks good together etc. You can never, never go wrong with black and white. That's just a proven truth in the fashion world. Some people may think that black and white always looks the same but I think that's just not the case. There are so many different ways on how to wear an black and white outfit... It goes from simple jeans paired with a top and blazer to a black and white pattern dress. For this look I went for the good old classic - simple but chic. I chose some black skinny jeans, flattery top and a white long blazer. Now, there is a little story behind this blazer. I got it for an unbelievable price which is basically the point why I got it. I've always wanted a long blazer but wasn't satisfied with a white one at first... Well, I am a woman so I just had to get it because of the unbelievable price and it was hanging in my closet for months... until now. Every time I wore it in front of my mirror I had the feeling I am wearing a doctors coat. I think I've turned on my ''fashion thinking'' and immediately thought about Victoria Beckham. It totally remind me of something Victoria would wear and that was the moment I fell in love with it.

June 21, 2015


CLEOPATRA INSPIRED DRESS If you are following me on Instagram (@thetrendique) you'll already saw a picture of me wearing this dress a few days ago. The caption obviously was 'feeling like Cleopatra' and that's exactly what this dress feels and look like. I can't even tell you how long I was searching the perfect black maxi dress but never found the right one. I do have one simple black maxi dress from H&M but it wasn't really what I was looking for and way too casual. When I was browsing through New Look which is btw my current favorite shop to browse for fashion, I stumbled across this beauty and immediately fell in love with it. It simply had charm, looked like something Cleopatra would wear and was very affordable. Of course I hit the order button right away. I have to admit it is quite challenging to get in this dress (especially if you have to change in the car which was what I had to do for this shoot) but if you're in, it's just gorgeous.